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  • Why advertise in Mid-America Boating?
    • Mid-America Boating is a viable medium to reach over 52,000 boating enthusiasts in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.
    • Mid-America Boating is second to none when it comes to zeroing in on news and information that boaters want to read.
    • Mid-America Boating sells your product or services. If it has to do with boating, we have a proven track record. Ask our advertisers. Many have been using Mid-America Boating as their primary source for reaching the boating market since 1972.

  • Why have we been so successful?
    • Mid-America Boating is the official paper of the I-LYA (Inter-Lake Yachting Association) with 146 member clubs totaling over 45,000 individual boaters.
    • Mid-America Boating is distributed free at over 470 outlets where boaters congregate. Distribution locations include: boat clubs, marinas, marine stores, boat dealers, restaurants, plus direct mail subscribers.
    • Mid-America Boating is the official program for two of the country's largest consumer boat shows -- the Mid-America Boat Show at the I-X Center every January in Cleveland, and the Cedar Point In-Water Boat Show staged at beautiful Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. These two shows have a combined attendance of over 80,000.

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  • A miminum of 200 DPI at final print size for all electronic files
  • Preferred file type: Adobe Acrobat PDF prepared using standard Press Optimized or PDFX1a settings
  • Mid-America Boating cannot be responsible for reproduction quality when camera-ready artwork is provided in any form other than as a properly prepared Adobe PDF.
  • Please contact Mid-America Boating to confirm computer platform and/or software compatibility, graphics, fonts and support issues before submitting files.
  • Standardized PDF Distiller settings and a copy of how to properly prepare and submit files can be supplied upon request.
  • Files should be prepared as Gray Scale or CMYK, depending upon contracted ad type
  • Compatibility: Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3) with all fonts embedded
  • All type/fonts, photos, and graphics must be converted to Gray Scale or CMYK format (no RGB or SPOT colors)
  • All files should be submitted at exact ad trim size, (i.e. no extra white space, margins, slugs, etc , outside the live matter area)
  • Alternatively, ads may be submitted to size as 200 DPI (minimum) JPG, TIF or EPS files with all fonts converted to paths No native application files (Quark, Indesign, Word, Publisher, etc. ) are accepted
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to supply professionally prepared, properly specified PDFs for final production. Incorrectly prepared files may be returned to the advertiser/preparer to be corrected and resubmitted. Mid-America Boating cannot be held liable for improperly prepared ad files submitted by an advertiser or their agents

Distribution Area

Distribution Area
Mid-America Boating is distributed to 46 states
and Canada, although 85% of distribution is
along the south shore of Lake Erie including
Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and
western New York.
Phone 216-371-5750
Email frank@midamericaboating.com
Address Mid-America Boating
720 Radford Dr.
Richmond Hts., OH 44143

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